Psychotherapy & Counselling


The Centre has a team of clinical Psychologist who provide various psychotherapies to help the patients and their families understand the illness as well as resolve any underlying issues that are troubling them. Commonly used therapies include Counselling Psychotherapies (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , BT, REBT) De-addiction Counselling Marital & Family Therapy Smoking cessation Aversion therapy Sex Therapy Biofeedback Sleep therapy Career and aptitude guidance Parenting skills Relaxation training Stress management Behavior Modification .

Treatments & Solutions people seek mental health / psychiatric consultation for a variety of reasons includes for themselves or their families , for home or work relationship issues , for feeling uncomfortable or on edge , for personal tragedy, long-lasting discouragement, and depression , for child or teen behavior or discipline issues , for adult behavior problems , anxiety , anger, depression , low self-esteem; tension, alcohol / drug addiction , and many other reasons.

1. Cognetive behavioral therapy

2. Directional behavioral therapy

3. Relaxation exercises

4. Mindfullness exercises

5. Bio Feedback

6. Behavioral Intervention

7. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Individual Counselling

When to seek individual counselling

You could benefit from individual counselling in a variety of scenarios, such as:

  • You are feeling 'stuck'. Life is good generally but you feel you can be so much more, more 'you'
  • You are doing alright but there are certain conflicts and issues that bother you
  • You notice certain things about yourself and your behaviour that you can't understand or don't like, or say 'This is just not me or who I want to be.'
  • You are going through some difficulty that you cannot get help from your usual sources. You think they could be biased/ judgmental or you feel they won't understand
  • You find yourself anxious and are finding it hard to understand why or how you can manage it
  • You are having challenges with some relationships at work or outside, and want to understand how you could help yourself
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    What is Individual Counselling

    Individual counselling is a personal, one-to-one counselling space for a person to interact with the counsellor to explore and address personal concerns. It is a partnership where the counsellor works with the client to help the client in their journey to understand themselves better and cope with whatever challenges they are going through.

    We use the term "Individual Counselling" as an umbrella term to cover other possible terminology such as "Personal Counselling", "1-on-1 Counselling" etc.

    Couple Counselling

    When to seek couple counselling

    You could benefit from couple therapy in a variety of scenarios, such as:

  • Your relationship with your partner has hit a roadblock and you want to get your relationship back on track
  • You are having challenges in communicating with each other - there are fights, resentment or other unpleasantness
  • You have difficulties in dealing with in-laws, money, career, parenting etc
  • You are planning a marriage and want to be better informed (pre-marital counselling)
  • There are issues with sexuality, monogamy etc
  • Your children are grown up and you are rediscovering each other
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    What is couple counselling

    Couple counselling, whether in the context of a marriage or otherwise, is a space for two people to interact with the counsellor to explore and address inter-personal concerns including intimacy, communication, conflicts etc. The counsellor's focus is on the relationship between the two, and we maintain neutrality to both parties in the relationship, and the status of the relationship itself. We maintain the possibility of a positive experience whatever the outcome may be.

    We use the term "Couple Counselling" as an umbrella term to cover "Marriage Counselling", "Marital Therapy", "Couple Therapy", "Relationship Counselling", "Marriage Therapy", "Pre-Marital Counselling" etc.

    Family Counselling services

    When to seek family counselling

    You could benefit from family counselling when:

  • Individually or even in pairs you are alright, but somehow coming together is stressful.
  • Gender roles and expectations are becoming a challenge
  • There are conflicts or challenges between parents, children or other sub-groups that is affecting everybody
  • There has been a family crisis that is affecting everybody, and it is hard to cope
  • One or more persons in the family are affected by a health or other crisis and you want the family to rally behind them and need support
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    What is family counselling

    Family counselling is a counselling space for three to six in a family to interact with the counsellor for any matter that affects the family as a whole. While often there might be a single core issue/ particular person identified as in trouble, the family as a whole is in some distress.

    The counsellor works with the family as a system to help the clients understand how each of them work in the system and how the system can often be more than the sum of the parts

  • stop using drugs
  • stay drug-free
  • be productive in the family, at work, and in society